Inner Activism Embodied Living & Leadership Training

For the womxn doing the work, striving inward to be a force in the world, this training is for you.  

For the womxn traversing the beauty and depth of the spirallic journey, meeting their shadow and discovering the shadows of our world, this training is for you.  

For the womxn immersed in their communities, navigating a broader, white supremacist system, and desiring a new way of being for themselves and others, this training is for you.  

For the womxn who serve others as therapists, teachers, body workers, yoga teachers, healthcare practitioners, social workers, doulas, team leaders, mothers, coaches, this training is for you.  

This training supports all womxn who desire to live and lead authentically, from a place of knowledge of themselves and the world.  

This training teaches you how to amalgamate universal laws with social justice, radically shifting how you exist in the world, and therefore radically shifting the communities you serve.  

Upon completion, you will have 300 hours of leadership training, facilitator experience, deep personal transformation, and a certificate of completion. 

* This is an online training *

The world is changing. In the midst of conflict, racism, climate change, poverty, prejudice, violence, and pervasive disatisifaction, the helpers are emerging, finding their foundations and their voices to speak a new way of being into humanity. These are the leaders of the paradigm shift, the humxns who are reconnecting themselves and others to the beauty and depth of their lived experience.  

This role brings challenges. Frustrations, hopelessness, fear of what’s to come, sinking into the familiarity and force of the collective. This is why we must gather together to study the teachings that expand our personal frequencies, and bring one another hope, courage and purpose.  

This 6-month immersion is intended for womxn who desire to share this new way of being, who see the plight and beauty of humanity and seek alternative systems of support, leadership and guidance;

it is for womxn who want to better understand how to offer their own experience and skills to ALL people, and who hope to inspire others in doing the same;

and it is for womxn who see that most of the teachings being shared have been westernized/ white-washed, and they desire to understand Spiritual Law more fully with pragmatic clarity as to how to navigate within these cosmic truths meaningfully.

 Inner Activism is a leadership course that explores the depth and simplicity of spiritual sciences, while also offering the education and knowledge essential in leadership today. Blending the two together, our intention is to educate and prepare leaders who will inspire, guide, and heal in ways that touch the core of our Earth.  

Inner Activism is a course for all womxn, and you must prepare to go deep into the caverns of yourSELF. It is only when we fully inhabit our inner life that we can truly guide others into their most empowered expression.

This is an intensive designed for womxn who are moved to live their most embodied life and to share this revolutionary path with those in their families, their communities and their professions.  

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This training is for you if...

You are interested in or in the process of personal growth & inner work, and you desire to go deeper.

You are in a facilitator/ leadership role and you desire the tools to offer the most transformative and authentic space. 

You are feeling the INJUSTICE of this world, and you desire pragmatic AND expansive ways in which to be of service.

You are passionate about dismantling white body supremacy and becoming educated on intersectional injustice.

You desire to inspire change in your communities, and ignite others to be a source of love and ACTION for marginalized and vulnerable peoples.

You feel frustrated with the current colonized spiritual diaspora, and you long for a more authentic, radical community within which to study, to learn, to transform. 

This training supports all those in leadership roles; as a healer, a body worker, a birth doula, a community advocate, a mother, a teacher, a mental health worker, a social worker … the list could go on.  

If you are a womxn, you lead the way. For one or for many.  

We are being called to a new and traditional way of leading, of living.

This training teaches you to establish this paradigm in your own life so as to teach, guide, and lead the way for others. The world is changing, and we need lighthouses as it does.

Learn to anchor your awareness and education and be a source of transformation for others. 

Your Community Needs You. The World Needs Us.

Our immersive curriculum integrates mystical sciences, yogic technology, modern psychology, universal law, foundational physiology, trauma-informed practices, diverse community application, and critical analysis of our impact on the world...

Foundations for a Spiritual Practice - somatic technology and mystical sciences 

Biopsychology, The Physiology of Oppression, White Body Supremacy as it exists in the body;

A somatic dismantling

Understanding Your Unconscious Neural Networks to Understand the World - deep psychological work to explore individual and collective belief structures

Universal Law & Application in Today’s World - spiritual/quantum laws and social justice as imperative for transformation

Appropriation, Systems of White Supremacy & Application of Spirituality in Diverse Communities 

Indigenous Epistomology and Education to inform and transform personal and collective narratives.

Trauma-Informed and Embodied Education and Leadership

Practicum Community Project Rooted in Critical Thinking and Analysis

Training Immersion Details

Course Structure: As a group, we will meet via zoom bi- weekly for six months. Each call will be between two and three hours.  

During these calls we will dive deeply into masterful spiritual teachings, as well as the pragmatic and important ways to bring these teachings into our world. You will each have an opportunity to share your experiences, ask questions, and have practical experiences to feel into the revolutionary work we are exploring together.  

You will have course assignments after every call, readings to complete and a commitment to journalling each day.  

You will also be grouped into triads to discuss the work we are studying, to apply the teachings and practices with one another. You will meet with your triad weekly.  

Each participant will receive one 1:1 call with Rochelle and/or Mallorie throughout the six months to discuss your personal narratives, where your blindspots are and how to navigate them, and how this work can best support you in the most personal and meaningful way possible.  

You will have practicum hours to complete after the six month duration, whereby you will be asked to create a meaningful project to bring life and depth to your communities (the project will be approved by Rochelle and Mallorie prior to its unfolding). 

The course begins and ends intentionally...

We begin the day before Summer Solstice (June 19, 2020). All dates and times will be established after registration is complete to ensure a schedule that accommodates everyone.  

Our course gatherings are complete on the New Moon in December (December 14, 2020), upon which you will begin your practicum project proposal, to be handed in for approval by Winter Solstice. Once it is approved, you are encouraged to take a break for integration, and begin the development of your practicum by February 1, 2021. 

Your Facilitators

Rochelle Starr 

Rochelle Starr is from Little Pine First Nation, which is located in Treaty 6 territory in Saskatchewan and is of Cree and German descent. She presently lives in Edmonton, AB, Treaty 6 territory with her three children who are from Thunderchild First Nation, SK.  

Rochelle is a Ph.D. candidate in the specialization of Indigenous Peoples Education, Department of Educational Policy Studies, Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. She also holds a Masters of Education, and Bachelor of Arts, specializing in First Nation Studies and Political Science. 

Rochelle's work focuses on Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous understandings of Crises (colonialism, oppression, racism, and Indigenous & non-Indigenous relationships), Indigenous research methodologies, Indigenous pedagogy, Cree language, and leadership and young Indigenous women, Rochelle is also the Director of the Young Indigenous Women's Circle of Leadership, a program housed at the University of Alberta which provides access to Cree language, ceremony, land, and culture to young Indigenous women. Rochelle is committed to inspiring and creating ways of being that are deeply rooted in the power of our ancestors and that are therefore life-giving and bring about love, strength, and freedom.

Mallorie Buoy

Mallorie has been a yoga teacher, an educator, a spiritual guide, a compassionate inquiry practitioner, a trauma educator and counsellor, a foster parent, and entrepreneur for over 10 years, initially exploring each of these paths for personal guidance and purpose. As her connection to self expanded, all of these roles merged into offerings that are clear, authentic and of the most service to humanity. Utilizing daily self-inquiry and analyzing the ways in which Spiritual Laws meet and co-create with current social structures, Mallorie is passionate about amalgamating the alchemical and the pragmatic, the metaphysical with social justice, and spiritual awakening with genuine support and uplifting of those living in vulnerable and marginalized circumstances. 

Inner Activism is a course that has developed from her years of experience in the spiritual study, as well as with vulnerable populations. It is a course inspired by her search to mitigate the incessant spiritual by-passing that occurs within practicing communities, as well as to create a bridge for those who are typically rejected from holistic wellness methodologies due to lack of access and resources as well as, to be blatent, white privilege. Additionally, she strives to provide the depth of knowledge and wisdom that the mystical sciences offer in a context that is grounded in research, community healing and development, and diversity education.

Mallorie is committed to providing the deepest experience in this training as possible, as spiritual truths and social justice must merge in every moment; indeed, it is our work and responsibility as leaders in our changing world. 


Investment: $1800 CAD + gst

Early Bird Pricing: $1450 CAD + gst until March 30, 2020

All womxn who identify as FNMI will receive full scholarships to this course. 

Full and partial scholarships are available for trans-womxn and all beautiful beings who identify as non-binary and feel drawn to this course.  

Full and partial scholarships are available to all womxn who identify as BIPOC.  

For any additional questions, please reach out to Mallorie at


Personal Time Commitment

  • Two 2 - 3 hour calls / month with facilitators
  • One 1 hour call / week with dyad or triad group members
  • 1-2 reading(s) / month
  • Practicum project which will vary in time commitment, but will be quite intensive during the months of October/November, 2020
  • + daily assignments that focus on embodiment practices (so more lifestyle commitments than ‘time’ commitments)